How it Works


Jigsaw members usually suggest which activities they would like to do at monthly meetings, of which there are usually two per month. Following this, a calendar of activities for the following month is sent out to members, volunteers and staff either by post or email.

People then chose which activities they would like to attend, and send their choices back to the Jigsaw office by the given date.

Activities usually cost money and, although membership of Jigsaw is free, Jigsaw
usually asks for a contribution towards the cost of a specific activity, as
indicated on each of the forms. Sometimes, an activity you have chosen can be over-subscribed. If this occurs, we will let you know prior to the event by phone or letter, and possibly suggest alternatives, if available.

When we use public transport; e.g. the Metrolink, on an activity, we ask that everyone pays by their own means, and/or uses their travel passes.

For some sports activities we have a block booking with Ring and Ride, so by simply ticking the Ring and Ride box on the calender of activities, Jigsaw books Ring and Ride for members from home to the sports activity and back again.