Fundraising Committee

JpegIn the past, the Fundraising Committee has organised car washes, discos, Body Shop parties, boat races, bag packs at supermarkets, bingo nights and sponsored runs.

All Jigsaw members can attend the Fundraising Committee meetings to put forward their ideas for consideration. The Chairperson, Vice Chair and Secretary are elected every year in August and any member can put themselves forward for election.

Trustees’ Committee

The Trustees’ Committee of Jigsaw Bury consists of people who have a legal responsibility for the Charity and its governance. They have ultimate responsibility for the running of the Charity, ensuring that Jigsaw has enough money to meet its objectives.

The Trustees take care of the management and administration of the Charity and work together both for Jigsaw and Jigsaw Link. They meet monthly and fulfil their role by reviewing and considering issues, concerns and suggestions from the various Charity coordinators and all the other Jigsaw committees, i.e. the Publicity and the Fundraising Committees, as well as Jigsaw Link. Election to the Trustees’ Committee for positions of occurs at the Annual General Meeting and is open to all aged 18 and over.