What People Say

Jigsaw 6Yoga 5th May -  Nominated by ES


What do members say about Jigsaw?

“I like loads of things about Jigsaw, but best of all I like going to quizzes and to the gym.”

“I enjoy Jigsaw activities and meeting new friends.”

“I like going out with friends within Jigsaw to places that I would not normally go.”

“I enjoy socialising with people of my own age group”

“Since joining Jigsaw, I have made lots of friends with whom I have, even, gone out outside of Jigsaw.”

“Out of everything Jigsaw has to offer, I especially like going to the Theatre and meals out.”

“I especially like the fact that Jigsaw gets me out and about, and I see lots of people.”

“I think Jigsaw is brilliant, and would not change a thing!”

“I enjoy playing football with my friends, and find all the Group Leaders and volunteers very helpful and friendly.”

“I enjoy participating in boccia competitions, and, especially, like it when I win.”

“Without Jigsaw, I wouldn’t have the social life I now have.”

“Jigsaw is simply the best!”

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